Passover Seder | 5 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Pesach

5 Ideas Kid-Friendly Passover (Pesach) SederA new generation is reading the Four Questions at our Passover seder! Our family is growing, and the traditional seder is evolving. We are now thinking about how to make the Jewish traditions fun and engaging for the young children in our families.

We want to make Passover a memorable and fun learning experience for everyone! So we started to explore ways to create a kid-friendly seder.

We’ve put together our top 5 Ideas for Making a Child-Friendly Passover Seder.

What is Passover?  Some background for those that may be attending or hosting a seder for the first time. Passover is an eight-day long celebration of the Jewish exodus from Egypt and escape from slavery. At the heart of the holiday is a Passover seder which includes many interactive and symbolic rituals in the forms of eating, singing, drinking, and discussion as the story of the Jewish exodus is told. The story of Passover is read from a Passover haggadah, with the intention of teaching the story to the next generation of Jews.

Idea 1 – Get the Children Excited for the Passover Seder

Preparing for the seder usually means lots of cooking and cleaning.  But it can also be a great way to increase anticipation for the children by engaging them in Passover-related activities or crafts. One idea is to have the kids build houses out of matzah as they learn the story of how the Jews fled their homes in Egypt. This provides a great way to explain the meaning of Passover in a fun way, and makes for great centerpieces!

Passover Matzo HouseSource: Martha Stewart

You can also get the children excited for the seder with their own make-believe “My Own Passover Seder Set!”

Kids Passover Seder Set | Make-Believe Games The set comes with a seder plate, wine goblet, matzah and afikomen, fake wine bottle, hagada, and cloth covers. Available from Modern Tribe.

Idea 2 – Plague Finger Puppets

Passover Finger Puppets | Kid-Friendly Seder IdeasLet your fingers help you tell the story! This Finger Puppet Kit includes supplies to create 10 puppets based on the plagues.

You can also use these fun finger puppets to decorate your Passover table. We can’t wait to recite the 10 plagues at the seder table and have the kids participate with their puppets! Available from Modern Tribe.

Passover Plagues Holiday Nail DecalsFor the older kids (and let’s face it, some adults), these Ten Plagues Nail Decals are a must have!

Traditional & Modern JudaicaIdea 3 – Make it Fun!

Passover Seder Bingo - Fun Holiday IdeasGuests young and old will love playing Passover Bingo from Modern Tribe.  The board lists the components of the seder (feel free to add your own). Guests then cover the squares with matzah chips, and the first person with 5 in a row has bingo!

Passover Stickers on a RollSource: Amazon

Buy some stickers (such as these Passover stickers) and hand them out to the kids throughout the seder as rewards for participating, such as answering questions correctly or asking good questions.

Idea 4 – Get the Kids Involved in the Cooking and Cleaning

Kids love to help out in the kitchen!  And, with the right guidance and instruction, they can be very helpful as well! Let the children help you prepare and organize your cabinets and pantry for Passover. Extra hands are always helpful and the kids gain an understanding of the preparation needed for Passover. Take this a step further and give each child a responsibility during the seder. One child can be responsible for handing out the karpas, one for the maror, and so on.

Here are two kid-friendly Passover recipes where you and your children will have loads of fun!

Chocolate Covered Matzo

Let the kids join in making these delicious desserts.  You can get them involved in adding an assortment of toppings.  You can have bowls of different toppings set up and let the children make their own combinations and designs.

Chocolate Covered Matzo | Kid Friendly Passover RecipeImage Source: Lindsey’s Kitchen

What you’ll need:

  • ½ lb matzo
  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 8 ounces chocolate chips
  • Various toppings, such as white chocolate, mint chocolate, peanut butter chips, dried cranberries, walnuts, pistachios, sprinkles, coconut…basically anything kosher for Passover!


  1. Line a cookie sheet with foil and lay matzah on pan.
  2. Melt brown sugar with butter in saucepan; boil until mixture coats a spoon.
  3. Brush matzo with brown sugar mixture.
  4. Bake in 350 degree oven for 3-4 minutes (watch closely-it burns easily!!!) until it starts to bubble.
  5. Cover with chocolate chips and put back in the oven until the chips start to melt.
  6. Spread the chocolate to cover the matzo.
  7. Let cool a bit, now get the kids!
  8. Put out all of the topping options into small bowls.
  9. Have the kids sprinkle their choice of toppings on the matzo
  10. Freeze until hard, then have the kids break up the matzo into pieces.

Recipe adapted from


Everyone has their favorite recipe for charoset, and in all honesty you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Whether you make the traditional Eastern European charoset, the Sephardic charoset, or anything in between, it’s almost sure to taste delicious.  Just put out all of the ingredients, pre-cut, and have the kids mix them together.  Teach them the story of the mortar while you’re assembling.

Idea 5 – Get rid of the Passover enemy – Hunger!

Let’s face it, kids are honest. They’re the first ones to tell you what everyone might be thinking – “I’m Hungry!”  The best way to ensure a successful seder is to address the hunger up front.  The blessing over the karpas comes at the beginning of the seder.  Why not supplement the parsley with a more substantial green vegetable platter, and ‘Let Your People Munch!’

We wish you and your families a Happy and Healthy Passover! Chag Pesach Sameach!

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman