Persian Passover Seder at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica

This beautiful Passover Seder was styled by Marjaneh from Candybar Couture with lots of help from her mother Guity. The Passover Jewish holiday has been celebrated for thousands of years, however this family, originally from Iran, took a very modern approach to designing the event.

Everyone seated at the Persian Passover Seder table, waiting for the prayers to start

This Persian Passover seder was held at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. The second floor patio that was covered halfway by a beautiful white tent that was the ideal venue to seat more than 70 guests. It is very common for Iranians living in Los Angeles to have a large number of guests at the Seder. They invite friends and lots of extended family. A microphone had to be used for all of the guests to hear the prayers!

Jilla Javaheri, Sahla Sassounian, Sion Javaheri, Moise Aghaipour during the Passover Seder

The food used for the prayers, along with flowers, made beautiful & modern centerpieces.

The Seder table designed by Marjaneh of Candybar Couture and Her Mother Guity Sassounian.

They included lettuce, bitter herbs, Matzos, vinegar and Halegh which is the Iranian version of Charoset.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsPersian Passover - Matzoh, Hallegh, Scallions & Lettuce used for saying the prayers.

Jonathan Forouzan, Nassir Ebrahimian, Sophia Ebrahimian and Pegah Ebrahimian

The highlight of the night was the Dayenu, when Iranian Jews playfully hit each other with the raw scallions. This tradition symbolizes the whips of the slaves in Egypt.

Dayenu using the scallions . Sean Sassounian and Dolat Sedaghat

The beautiful dessert buffet included Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Torte, Apple Walnut Cake, Walnut Cardomon Spice Cake & Chocolate Marble Spongecake with Rice Flour.

Persian Passover: Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Torte, Apple Walnut Cake, Walnut Cardomon Spice Cake, Chocolate Marble Spongecake made with Rice Flour

Chocolate Marble Sponge Cake with Rice Flour

Time to relax!

Mashallah Foroutan, Ebi Nadji, Moise Aghaipour

What a beautiful way to spend the holidays with your loved ones. Great job, Marjaneh.  Happy Passover!

Mandy Amini and Marjaneh Etebar

Mandy Amini and Marjaneh Etebar

Photography by Djamilla Cochran 

Venue: The Huntley Hotel

Styling: Candybar Couture

Desserts: Madame Dessert

Catering: Alfredo Catering

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