Rent a Celebrity for your Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Wedding or Event

As crazy as it sounds, paying a celebrity to attend your wedding, bar or bat mitzvah or event may actually be well within your budget.

Lady Gaga - Rent a Celebrity for your Wedding, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, or Event

Love it or hate it, reality TV has caused an explosion in celebrities…or should we say “celebrities”! According to Fox Business, viral videos and reality TV shows such as “American Idol,” “The Bachelor,” “Survivor” and “Jersey Shore,” have given way to many people ready to schmooze at your fundraiser, hang out at your wedding or shout “Mazel tov!” at your bar or bat mitzvah.

The cost to have a celebrity attend your event can vary widely from $1,000 to a couple of million for an A list celebrity. Lady Gaga tops the list at $2 million. Ne-Yo can rock out at your child’s bat or bar mitzvah for about $200,000. Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” charges $25,000, and is reportedly booked all the time.  If you’ve got $125,000, you can add Kim Kardashian to your guest list. Double that and add a private jet and you get Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood.

Keep in mind these costs do not include airfare, hotel, ground transportation (they tend to travel in luxury) and food (no McDonalds for this crowd!).

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Image Source: Seoul Beats

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