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Maybe it’s because I come from such a large family, but we have a lot of wedding photos that include our chuppah! The family portraits, wedding party, and, of course, the entire wedding ceremony! Having a huppah that we absolutely love made the pictures even more special. As an added bonus, our genius florist, Masters & Co, used the flowers from our chuppah to decorate the bride & groom table at the reception. We really felt that the time we spent deciding on the chuppah design really paid off!

The Chuppah is a traditional Jewish wedding canopy the couple stands under during the wedding ceremony. Huppah is Hebrew for covering, and that’s exactly what it is! The huppah can be a tallis held up by four poles, an extravagant display of flowers and branches, or anything in between. It symbolizes the new home the couple will share, open on all sides showing that guests are always welcome.

Because of its physical and symbolic beauty, many couples of all different cultures and religions choose to incorporate the chuppah into their wedding ceremony.

Planning to have a wedding chuppah but don’t know where to begin?  Here are some of our favorites.

The Traditional Tallit Chuppah

Traditional Chuppah Tallit Tallis

Traditional Chuppah with Tallit

The traditional chuppah is made with a tallis (prayer shawl) help up by four poles.  While it’s considered an honor to hold up a pole, they can also be fastened to the floor.

All image sources are included below.

Huppah with Fabric & Flowers

Flower & Fabric Chuppah | Blooming Brides Florist

Flower & Fabric Chuppah by Blooming Brides Florist

Check out Blooming Brides Florist on mazelmoments

Wedding Canopy with Flowering Branches

Modern Chuppah with Flowers

Modern Chuppah with Flowering Branches

Florists & Party Decor

Modern Huppah Design

Modern Chuppah by Fleurs

Modern Chuppah by Fleurs

Huppah Chandeliers

We’re loving the trend of incorporating elegant chandeliers into the wedding ceremony decor!

Beautiful Chuppah with Chandelier

Beautiful Chuppah with Chandelier

Sheer Fabric Chuppah with Flowers & Chandelier

Huppah Chandelier

Tropical Wedding Arches

Tropical Chuppah

Tropical Island Wedding Canopy

LED Lighting Enhanced Canopy

Unique Chuppah with Lighting

Unique Chuppah with Lighting

Unique Huppahs

Unique Chuppah | Artison Flowers

Unique Chuppah by Artison Flowers

Check out Artison Flowers on mazelmoments

Sculptural Work of Art

Huppah Sculpture | The Chuppah Studio

Huppah by Sculptor Andrea Cohen, Chuppah Studio

Source: Chuppah Studio

Wire Inspired Chuppah

Wire Inspired Wedding Chuppah

Wire Inspired Chuppah

Wire-Inspired Canopy by Beautiful Blooms.

DIY Wedding Arch

DIY Wedding Arch

DIY Wedding Arch

Simple & Colorful

Simple Bamboo Chuppah | Bright & Colorful Flowers

Bright & Colorful Chuppah

Tip: Be Consistent with your Theme

White Floral Chuppah Matching Decor & Centerpieces by Jazzflower

White Floral Chuppah Matching Decor & Centerpieces by Jazzflower

Matching your chuppah flower arrangement with the rest of your ceremony decor, and even centerpieces can make for a beautiful and constant look and feel.

Check out Jazzflower on mazelmoments

Quilt Chuppahs

Quilt Chuppah by Amy Sackman Custom NonTraditional Quilting

Quilt Chuppah by Amy Sackman Custom NonTraditional Quilting

Another creative option for chuppahs is to make a quilt.  The patchwork involved in the quilt can be meaningful, and tell the story of you as a couple. It can feature photos and elements of your lives together, as does the chupah quilt above from Amy Sackman Custom Non-Traditional Quilting, and below from

Quilt Chuppah |

Quilt Chuppah |

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman