6 Chuppah Design Ideas – Traditional, Modern & Unique Huppahs


Cherry Blossom Chuppah

Cherry Blossom Chuppah via You & Your Wedding

Maybe it’s because I come from such a large family, but we have a lot of wedding photos that include our chuppah! The family portraits, wedding party, and of course the entire wedding ceremony! Having a chuppah (a.k.a. huppah, chuppa or Jewish wedding arch) that we absolutely love made the pictures even more special. As an added bonus, our  florist used the flowers from our chuppah to decorate the bride & groom table at the reception. This had the dual benefit of lowering our costs and adding consistency to our wedding decor.

The Chuppah is a traditional Jewish wedding canopy the couple stands under during the wedding ceremony. Huppah is Hebrew for covering, and that’s exactly what it is! The huppah can be a tallis held up by four poles, an extravagant display of flowers and branches, or anything in between. It symbolizes the new home the couple will share, open on all sides showing that guests are always welcome.

Because of its physical and symbolic beauty, many couples of all different cultures and religions choose to incorporate the chuppah into their wedding ceremony.

Planning to have a wedding chuppah but don’t know where to begin?  Here are some of our favorites.

1. Traditional Designs

Tallit Chuppah Covering

Traditional Tallit Chuppah with Floral Accents - Jewish Wedding Arch

Traditional Tallit Chuppah with Floral Accents Photographer: EXO Photography and Cinema

The traditional chuppah is made with a tallis (prayer shawl) help up by four poles or birch wood, like this one from photographed by EXO Photography & Cinema.  While it’s considered an honor to hold up a pole, they can also be fastened to the floor or grounded in a flower pot.

Traditional Tallit Chuppah with Hanging Flower Pomander

Chuppah with Hanging Pomanders from The Showplace Floral & Event Design

You can also modernize the traditional design by adding unique touches, like these hanging floral pomanders designed by The Showplace Floral & Event Design.

2. Family Heirlooms

We love the idea of turning the chuppah into a family heirloom you can cherish forever.  Here are a few ways you can do this.

Tulle Chuppah

Romantic Handmade Chuppah with Bridal Tulle and Appliqués

Romantic Handmade Chuppah with Bridal Tulle and Appliqués by Queen Esther Hair Covers

Queens Esther Hair Covers offers romantic, handmade wedding chuppahs made from tulle and bridal appliques. Brides can also get an elegant handmade wedding shawl to match!

Silk Art

Custom Hand-Painted Silk Chuppah

Silk Chuppah from The Artist’s Studio

Corinne Soikin Strauss from The Artist’s Studio uses watercolors to paint intricate symbols and designs, reflecting the couple’s personality in a chuppah to cherish forever.

Tu BeShevat Chuppah and Coordinating Ketubah

SilkHuppah ‘s Tu BeShevat Chuppah and Coordinating Ketubah

Marlena Rubin Schwartzman of SilkHuppah designs hand-made silk huppahs and coordinating ketubahs. Her beautiful Tu BeShevat Chuppah commemorating the trees, flowers and birds of Spring was the inspiration for the coordinating Tu BeShevat Ketubah.

3. Fresh Takes on Floral Chuppahs

Stunning Circular Floral Chuppah

Ruby J Events created a visual masterpiece with this circular chuppah. The innovative design featured a floating ceiling that would remain in place to provide a focal point for the reception as well.

Stunning Chuppah with White Flowers, Jewish Wedding by Seaview Caterers

This stunning chuppah, submitted by Seaview Caterers, creates drama with strategically placed white flowers and high dome.

Wedding Canopy with Flowering Branches

Modern Chuppah with Flowers

Modern Chuppah with Flowering Branches

In this example, cherry blossoms are accented with romantic lighting, as seen on DaringDevoted.com.

Florists & Party Decor

Modern Huppah Design

Modern Chuppah by Fleurs

Modern Chuppah by Fleurs

This sleek modern structure by Fleurs NYC is accented with bold red details.

DIY Wedding Arch

Flower Pomander Wedding Arch

Floral pomanders reflecting your wedding colors can make for a beautiful and unique wedding arch, like this one from Sweet Pea Event Blog.

Bright & Colorful

Simple Bamboo Chuppah | Bright & Colorful Flowers

Bright & Colorful Chuppah

A clean row of dramatic blooms can be the statement piece of your wedding ceremony, like this example from Project Wedding.

Chuppah Design Ideas - Beach Jewish Wedding Arch

Beach Wedding Chuppah – Wedding Arch by EXO Photography & Cinema

Don’t forget to consider the setting. This wedding arch and the coordinating aisle decor beautifully reflect the colors of the surrounding water, sky and sand while creating a standout ceremony space! EXO Photography & Cinema captured the beauty and serenity of the moment.

4. Unique Details

Huppah Chandeliers

We’re loving the trend of incorporating elegant chandeliers into the wedding ceremony decor!

Beautiful Chuppah with Chandelier

Beautiful Chuppah with Chandelier

Photo Pinterest

Sheer Fabric Chuppah with Flowers & Chandelier

Huppah Chandelier

Photo: Pinterest

5. Creative Lighting

Unique Chuppah with Lighting

Unique Chuppah with Lighting

This LED enhanced canopy by DaVinci Florist adds a striking look to the wedding ceremony.

Unique Huppahs

Unique Chuppah | Artison Flowers

Unique Chuppah by Artison Flowers

Artison Flowers creates drama with innovative lighting and strategically placed florals.
Check out Artison Flowers on mazelmoments.

6. Innovative Materials

Sculptural Work of Art

Huppah Sculpture | The Chuppah Studio

Huppah by Chuppah Studio

Sculptor Andrea Cohen of Chuppah Studio creates gorgeous art pieces, providing the perfect setting for your nuptials.

Wire Inspired Chuppah

Wire Inspired Wedding Chuppah

Wire Inspired Chuppah

This Wire-Inspired Canopy by Beautiful Blooms uses calla lilies to add softness and romance to the look.

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