5 Fab Ways to Showcase Wedding & Mitzvah Colors

When it comes to wedding, bat mitzvah & event color themes, there are always the usual suspects. The dresses, the flowers, the programs. You may be tempted to play it safe and stick to those white table linens.  The truth is, splashes of color used in a bold way can have a stunning effect on your décor!

Pipe & Draping

Photo: Special Event Services

If your event space is less than stellar, you should strongly consider pipe and drape.   A wall that needs a paint job is transformed by a soft wash of color and flowing fabric.  It’s a lush effect created with surprisingly cheap materials of PVC pipe and common sheer chiffon.

DIY Tip:  There are lots of helpful instructions for making your own frame online.   You can even attach a pipe to opposite walls and drape the fabric over it.  Make sure your fabric panels are long enough to pool onto the floor.

GOBO Goodness

Photo: Heather Parker Photography

Ambient lighting creates a dramatic effect, and GOBO lights go with pipe and drape like chocolate with peanut butter, creating a color effect against the fabric.

DIY Tip: The more elaborate lighting set ups are best left to the professionals, but consider renting a few GOBOs  to spotlight the cake table or accent a wall.

Florists & Party Decor

Table LED Lights | Wedding, Mitzvah Events Make your tables glow with these fun LED table lights!

Photo: Save On Crafts

Paper Lanterns

Photo: The Big Piece of Cake

Paper lanterns are like balloons for grown-ups. They’re fun & colorful. Hang them from a strand of white lights, or make an inexpensive centerpiece. They look great unlit or with an LED light inside.  Paper lanterns available from Luna Bazaar.


Photo: Tange Design on Etsy

Particularly at outdoor events and beach weddings, parasols will be a big hit with the ladies. Those Victorian gals were on to something when it came to finding cute ways to beat the heat.  Give them to your guests as favors or give your bridesmaids something to hold onto walking down the aisle for a fraction of the cost of bouquets. Parasols available from Luna Bazaar.

Not Your Mother’s Wedding Cake

Purple Sequin Wedding CakePhoto: Sweet Element

Once upon a time, wedding cakes were white with a plastic bride and groom on top.  Now they are every color imaginable, even red.  A colored cake in a unique design makes a great conversation piece among the guests.

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Photo sources: Special Event ServicesHeather Parker Photography, Save On Crafts, The Big Piece of CakeTange Design on Etsy, Sweet Element

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