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The Top 12 Things I Learned from My Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah

Shared by Karen Paul-Stern

Bat Mitzvah Girl by Chad David Kraus | mazelmoments

Photo: Chad David Kraus

12. Planning a bar or bat mitzvah can be really fun when you get your child involved and excited! Karen involved her daughter in everything, from the invitations to the food & music. It was a wonderful bonding & learning experience for the entire family.

11. Judaism is a smart religion. We spend years teaching and developing our children. But when a bat mitzvah girl walks up to the bimah to read from the Torah, it is almost as if she has been given her first wings to fly on her own. She has accomplished something remarkable, through study, hard work and a lot of dedication. And she is going it by herself. Anticipating that a 13-year-old can take this step and officially join the adult community is an example of Judaism’s appreciation of the life cycle and its wisdom around human nature.

10. Life is about showing up. Family and friends travel will travel far, and spend time, energy, and money to share this special moments with your family.  Appreciate and enjoy their presence.

9. Sit back and enjoy the moment. Shake off the urge to micro-manage the event or feel responsible that everything goes perfectly.  Trust that the professionals you hired will do a great job so you can savor every moment of this wonderful time!

8. Watching the children of your neighbors and friends grow up is a privilege and a joy. Take a moment to remember them splashing around in the blow-up swimming pool together. Now look at them – they’re all grown up!

7. Your children will surprise you. They will surprise you with their love and respect for their siblings and their cousins, their willingness to be polite and act lovingly with their grandparents and other family members. Take pride as they stand up on stage and lead an entire dance floor.

6. Never buy a bat mitzvah cake with the same number of servings as guests. And don’t assume that the adults won’t want try out the ice cream bar or candy buffet!

5. Honor those who you have loved and lost. They are there with you in spirit, always.

4. Being a part of a spiritual community gives your children a safe place in which to explore their own feelings of belonging – to their religion, as well as to the world at large.

3. It is possible to deliver a blessing to your child in front of a congregation of 250 people without crying. But it is not possible to sit through an entire service, led by a spiritual leader of grace, depth, empathy and gentle intelligence, without breaking down. You’re not alone!

2. Speaking of crying, there are so many sad moments in life. The bar/bat mitzvah is an extraordinary reason to celebrate. It’s an opportunity to throw a great party and celebrate not only your childrens’ achievements, but the amazing friends and family who helped them all get here. This one’s for you.

1. And finally … the number one thing Karen learned from her daughter’s bat mitzvah? “My family is the love of my life.”

Thank you Karen for sharing your insightful lessons with us!

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Photo Credit: Chad David Kraus Photography

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