10 Creative Menu Ideas | Wedding, Bat & Bar Mitzvah, Party

We love weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, and event planning because every single detail can showcase your personality and creativity. The menu card is no exception.

Here is Some Inspiration for Unique Menus!

1. Circle Plate Menus

Circle Plate Menu Cards | Wedding, Bat Mitzvah, PartyCircle plate menu cards are a beautiful way to communicate the meal options to your guests.  This menu captured by Pangburn Photography was cut in a circle and placed under the clear chargers on the table.

Circle Wedding MenuMichael Zac Design Group created elegant circle menus that were placed on top of the dinner plate, with the host’s name inscribed on an additional layer.

2. Unique Shapes

Fan Wedding MenuWhile rectangular, square and circle menus are the most common, there are tons of other shapes to choose from! These bold and colorful menus from Michael Zac Design Group add a wow factor to an already beautiful table.

3. Menu Napkin Rings

Napkin Ring Wedding Menu | Mitzvah, EventPhoto Credit: Wiley Valentine

Why have a napkin ring and a menu card when all you need is one?! This unique napkin menu card is simple and elegant. Place a flower stem, utensils, or your party favor in as well for a triple threat!  Available on Etsy.

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4. Wine Bottles Menu Cards

Wine Bottle Menu Cards

Photo Credit: YouStirMe

Almost any event you’ll attend has a few bottles of wine on the table, making the wine bottle a perfect place for a menu card! If you’re planning on giving mini wine bottles as favors, another option is to add a menu tag to each bottle.

5. Table Number Menu Cards

Table Number Wedding MenusAnother option for a clean and elegant look is to have your table numbers also serve as the wedding menu.  Cam Turner Design enhanced the look with an eye-catching border.

6. Paper Bag Favors

Wedding Menu Paper Bag FavorsPhoto Credit: Snippet & Ink

For a wedding or event with a rustic or country theme, these paper bag favor menus are ideal! Print the menu on the paper bag, decorate it or add fun photos, and fill it with candy or treats for guests to take home.

7. Get Creative

Fun & Creative Bar Mitzvah MenuLet your menus reflect your style with interesting designs, colors, text and fonts.  This bar mitzvah menu card from Michael Zac Design Group includes playful descriptions, and a unique and fun design.

Purple & Gold Wedding Dinner Menu CardSmall design elements like dots and ribbon can make your dinner menu stand out. Menu by Cam Turner Design.

8. Interactive Menus

Origami Fortune Teller Menus, Menu Card DesignLet fate decide what guests will be eating with these clever origami fortune teller menus by Cam Turner Design.

DIY Menu Wheel

Show off your quirky side with these DIY Menu Wheels. Guests can spin the wheel to see their options.  You can even personalize the options – “Johns Favorite – Steak” or “Jamie’s Favorite – Salmon”.  View Directions

9. Illustrated Wedding Menus

Illustrated Menu, Baby ShoweIllustrations can bring a menu to life!  For a sure crowd-pleaser, create a caricature of the guest(s) of honor like this baby shower menu from Cam Turner Design.

Illustrated Wedding MenuJewish cocktail hours are known for lots of food and cocktails.  So make it easy for your guests to order their meal with these illustrated menus from PaperCrave! They’re beautiful and truly unique.

Illustrated Wedding Menu, CakeDessert is a favorite for many of your guests, so make it stand out on the menu with an illustrated wedding cake that identifies each layer.  Menus by Cam Turner Design.

10. Edible Chocolate Menu

Chocolate Wedding MenuGuests will absolutely love these edible chocolate menu cards from Delysia!  They’re menus, desserts, and favors all wrapped into one delicious package. Photography by Thompson Poole.

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman