Wedding Cake and Dessert Gurus Add Spice to Local Fundraiser

Buttercream Wedding Cake for any SimchaOn Sunday, November 13, two of our vendor members, Chef Marney of Marneycakes, Inc and Jeanne and Skip Kitson of Afresh Approach contributed their time and amazing selection of cakes and desserts to Chef’s Secret 7, a fundraiser for LIAAC held at the deSeversky Center on Long Island. As we approach the holiday season, it’s important to remember those who are not as fortunate of us and spread a little mazel to their lives.  Thanks to Chef Marney, Jeane and Skip for reaching out within the community and doing mitzvahs to help others. Now some mouth watering pictures and descriptions:

Afresh Approach created these scrumptious chocolate truffles.

Wedding Desserts Chocolate Truffles

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Chef Marney describes her divine cakes and intricate designs: “This time, I piped a playful heart design on the third tier, with a quad-dot design on the second.  The top tier was an oval…something a little different.

The top and bottom tiers were spice cake filled with meltaway caramel.  The second tier was our made-from-scratch cannoli cream with mini chocolate chips and flavored with cinnamon and orange.  We use fresh Calabro ricotta cheese in our cannoli cream…nothing but the best.  (No supermarket ricotta for your Marneycakes!)  Once again showcasing Solerno Sicilian blood orange liqueur, our  third tier was chocolate cake painted in Solerno and filled with a double-layer of silky-smooth chocolate ganache and milk chocolate buttercream, and all tiers were iced in almond buttercream – the aroma of which greeted guests as they arrived at our table.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes by Marneycakes, Inc

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