Watercolor Ketubah Inspiration

Watercolor is a hot trend in weddings and parties this season.  From invitations, flowers and cake to your ketubah, watercolor can have a striking effect!  Gilat Ben-Dor of KetubahSpirit.com shares her expert advice on watercolor ketubot.

Gilat…on Watercolor Weddings

Zodiac Watercolor Ketubah by Ketubah SpiritI am never surprised at the popularity of watercolor designs, especially for Jewish weddings and ketubot. Watercolor is the medium of dreams, beauty, grace and the flow of life. Watercolor ketubot exude both an elegance and a natural look that appeal to couples across otherwise diverse tastes. In my own watercolor designs, I combine rich, traditional iconography like regal peacocks, fruit and floral themes, celestial elements, and vistas of Jerusalem and Jaffa with contemporary sensibilities such as clean lines and bold colors.

Popular Watercolor Colors

Blues and greens (paired together) seem to be very popular for their cool, calming properties, and their direct reference to the lush earth and sky and water around us. Other popular colors seem to be bright, saturated coral and salmon, often expressed in pomegranate shapes. When these colors are combined with the dappled textures of watercolor, they make our eyes want to lock right on them!

Peacock Watercolor Ketubah by Ketubah Spirit

Popular Ketubah Designs


There are design elements that are popular and there are design layouts that are popular. The design elements I see in demand continue to be elements from nature (leaves, trees, sky, pomegranates), and Jerusalem references. These also pair nicely with the popular design layouts of arches, contained radial (circular) designs, and the look of the watercolor design continuing behind a text overlay.

Land of Abundance Ketubah Watercolor Art - Ketubah Spirit

Truly Unique!

Watercolor ketubot are unique because watercolor cannot be tamed, nor can it be replicated twice in the same exact manner. Of course, there can be prints made of watercolor designs, but a new rendering of that work can never be recreated with the exact same color and textural terrain. Just like there are no two couples who are exactly alike.

Ketubah Spirit Watercolor, Gilat Ben-Dor

Many people feel that watercolor is a more traditional medium but these days, watercolor design has been at the forefront of contemporary design as well as more conventional themes. Watercolor design can be delicate, bold, funky or conservative – grab your partner and enjoy the exploration!

Gilat’s Inspiration

Gilat Ben-Dor, Ketubah Spirit

My designs are inspired by my love of timeless symbols and the mysticism I feel from them. I then take that repertoire of symbols and combine them in new ways to elicit both a visual and emotional response.

Thank you Gilat for sharing your expertise and tips!

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