Fun Times Cubed – Ice Bowls & DIY Ice Decor for Weddings, Mitzvahs & Events

When it comes to planning an event, whether it be a Jewish wedding, bat/bar mitzvah, Sweet 16 or party, it can be easy to overlook the small stuff.  No one forgets that big centerpiece sitting in the middle of the table, but what about the rest of the space?  Nothing dials down the décor like neglected areas.  This is where you want to work smarter, not harder.   You want something easy and plentiful.    It doesn’t get any more plentiful (and affordable) than water.   You’d be amazed by what you can create when you freeze the stuff.  Ice décor can be that unexpected touch that gets your guests talking.

Ice Bowl with Flowers

DIY Ice Bucket for Wine & Champagne

We’ve all seen those masterpieces carved out of ice in the shape of swans and mermaids.  Life-size ice sculpture is quite ambitious.  You can actually use silicone molds to get a similar effect.  Some of these molds are marketed for molding chocolate and cake décor, but they work just as well when filled with water.  Avoid latex molds as they will not stand up to freezing.   Try a nifty iced wine cooler bucket mold from Iced World.

DIY Ice Wine Cooler Flower

Or a silicone swan mold from Sugar Garden to chill a bottle of wine or champagne.

DIY Ice Swan Champagne Cooler from Mold

Ice Cubes to Match Your Theme or Color Palette

Novelty ice trays are also great.  Ice is a great way to showcase your party or mitzvah theme! Hearts, guitars, letters – there’s an ice tray for that.  Add a bit of food coloring to the water.   What’s cooler than a mimosa with a red ice heart floating in it?

Heart Ice Cube Trays

Flower ice cubes are gorgeous and easy to make.  It’s as simple as dropping a small bloom in the tray before freezing.   Try something like pansies or miniature rose buds, or even just petals.

You need to keep certain foods chilled, and you can get creative with an ice display.  Find a vendor in your area that sells block ice, and stack it like a pyramid before arranging fruits on it.

DIY Ice Bowls

Flower Ice Bowls SorbetAnother fun idea is creating ice bowls. This is done by taking two bowls (use stainless steel or plastic, not glass) of similar shape, one smaller than the other, and nesting the smaller bowl inside the larger.  Tape them in place, and pour water between them.  You can also stick in flowers and greenery.  Use this for fruit salad, vegetables or finger food.   Precautions must be taken to keep the ice from cracking.  Move it to the refrigerator for a bit before exposing to room temperature.

One last note, when serving in an ice bowl, keep a cocktail napkin underneath to prevent it from sliding around on the plate.  Enjoy!

Post by Lonni Delane

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