Catskill Holiday Reunion

Written by Patti Posner Daboosh
On December 11, I am hosting the anniversary of the sale of the Hotel Brickman. The hotel had been in my family from  May 10, 1912 to December 17, 1986.
Hotel Brickman Catskills New York
In June, I sent out save the dates. I took a photo of our outdoor pool and created a whimsical oversized postcard. 
 Hotel Brickman Catskills Pool
I personalized it with a question about one of the waiters highlighting one of his eccentricities . For the invitation I used a postcard from the hotel. One word of caution when using oversized postcards, writing the names and addresses horizontally requires less postage than addressing them vertically.
 Hotel Brickman Golf, Tennis, and Activities
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and like their memories of their time in the Catskills I want this party to be full of laughter, storytelling,  food  and comedy reminiscent of the Brickman. Sammy’s Roumanian restaurant was the only way to go.

So, you may be thinking how I found so many former employees. The easiest way is to never loose touch with them. And this is the case with many of who were and are dear friends. The next way is Facebook. There is a Facebook group, Summers at the Brickman with 150 members. 

Brickman Hotel Catskills New YorkI have enlisted several Brickman friends to help me plan this nostalgic party. Of course it has to have a Brickman theme. I’ve downloaded over 200 photos, advertisements and memorabilia and my daughter is creating a video that will run during the party. The resident artist from the hotel will be the videographer and I will post both  videos on YouTube.
 Brickman Hotel Catskills Brochure
I’m bringing lots of my artifacts from the hotel and will ask everyone to bring whatever they have. I’m still deciding how to display it. I have menus from the hotel and  I am customizing them to fit the theme of the party. Each guest will have a a Brickman name tag. Besides their name I’ll add their years of service and job title. 
Brickman Hotel Catskills NY Breakfast Menu

I’ll have the eggs, french toast and a schmear of cream cheese with my bagels and lox. To start.

Food is one important theme of the Catskills. The other entertainment. Since not everyone will know each other, I am going to welcome everyone and introduce the staff to one another in a concise, poignant, and hopefully funny repartee. The former dining room captain will escort my guests to their seats as she did 30 years ago.  Then I will introduce our former Director of Activities and Master of Ceremonies and they will do a parody of the Hotel Brickman, a la The Frair’s Club roast. He’ll also do a round or two of Simon Sez, another Catskill staple.

Brickman Hotel Catskills New York Photos and Activities
I know everyone has funny, and I mean funny, stories of their years at the Brickman and I expect the cocktail hour will be an hour of hysteria. And maybe a few tears. 
I’m working now on designing an alcoholic drink for my guests. Borscht must be it’s theme.  I’m going to send out an email to everyone who is invited and have a competition to see who comes up with the best drink. The winner gets a Hotel Brickman mug. 
Simon Says stay tuned for after party commentary and YouTube video.  

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Written by admin

  • leslie port

    I’d love to see some of my Brickman’s friends! Sounds like it will be a fun day reminiscing!

  • jeff anzel

    i was a bellhop theie 1969 thru 1972 working for ROCKY BLACK, I know you remember the bellhops. Sorry I did not respond earlier but I do not use twitter or facebook and I just ran accross this site on the internet.

    • Patti

      Hi Jeff. I just saw this. Two years later. I hope all is well. Yes, I remember the bellhops.

  • Wendy

    I didn’t work at the Brickman…but came across this discussion while researching my family history.
    I grew up in the area…in Hasbrouck and Grahamsville. My grandparents lived in Woodbourne.
    I am trying to find information about the Park Lane Hotel. Do you know where it was? It was supposedly on Brickman Road? Is there any connection between that road, the Brickman Hotel, and the Park Lane Hotel? From the postcard I have a photo of, it looks like it was a very small hotel…maybe was rebuilt? Looking for someone who supposedly was born or raised there? Let me know if you can help.

  • Mike Cuba

    Hi, Miss Patty, I hope you remember me, I am Mike Cuba, I do remember you and your daughter very well, I saw her when she was a little girl actually she was a baby, I carry her more than once, she was a very nice looking baby she was a cute pie, Oh Brickman was the Best of The Catskill you and your family were The Best.
    Today I am happily leaving in Lake Tahoe with my wife of 10 years an ex professor from Ohio State University. I will love to see you again, I will travel from Tahoe to the Catskill.
    My English has improved (I think so) my grammar is no the best but I try, I can read and I can write with a lot of mistake but I am doing it right now in this note, I owe everything to Brickman and your family and all the good friends I meet there.
    God B less you and yours
    Mike Cuba

  • Mike Cuba

    Hi There, I am Mike Cuba and I did work a Brickman from 1976 thru 1980

    Best time of my life, it was my class room in America

    God Bless you Miss Patti

  • Pepe Paz

    Hi there, I am Mike Cuba
    I leave in Lake Tahoe, NV with my wife of 11 years
    I use to work at Brickman and it was the Best time of my life
    I remember Miss Patty and her daughter very well as well as her father and uncle
    I will love to come in Dec.for the reunion
    Bye for now
    Mike Cuba (for me is no problem, that was my answer always when I was at Brickman)

  • Sam

    Hi Patti. Sam Fox here. Busboy and waiter at your hotel in the late 70’s. Just saw Larry Strickler a few weeks ago. Had my best summers at Brickmans !

  • Joe

    I was in the ‘rock band’ that played at the Club House in 1976. It was a fantastic summer!