7 Ideas for Mitzvah & Wedding Yarmulkes for Boys, Girls & Adults

Your Kippah can be Kool!  Yarmulkes, also known as kippot and skull caps, can be as much a part of your Jewish wedding or bat/bar mitzvah celebration as the decor, music, and other traditions. Your kippah design can reflect your personal style, match your color palette or theme, and can be a great way for the younger set to embrace the tradition if you get them involved in selecting kippot. There are even eco-friendly options and endless possibilities for personalization.

1. Show Your Style with High-Fashion Hand-Made Yarmulkes from Queen Esther Hair Covers

Embroidered Yarmulkes for Bat Mitzvah or Jewish Wedding

Embroidered Applique Yarmulkes by Queen Esther Hair Covers

Mavash Amid, the creative force and founder of Queen Esther Hair Covers, creates exquisitely embroidered designs featuring stunning appliques and beading.

The bat mitzvah tallis features her signature embroidered floral designs over light and breezy chiffon. The tallis and a matching kippah complete the Bat Mitzvah girl’s ceremonial attire. The handmade tallit and yarmulke add a special touch of class and couture.

Bat Mitzvah Shawl

Queen Esther Bat Mitzvah Tallit with Matching Kippah

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2. Keep it Cool with Kippahs from The Tallis Lady

Kippot - Knit, Velvet, Silk

Kippot from The Tallis Lady

Lisa Prawer, The Tallis Lady, saw that people really enjoyed having something beautiful and unique that still reflected their traditions and connected them to their heritage.  She sought out artists worldwide in addition to making her own designs so that she could offer her customers a wide array of colors and styles.  The Tallis Lady has gorgeous kippot for men in velvet, suede, knit and silk.  She also has many beautiful yarmulkes for women, including crystal, beaded, lace and silk.

3. Sparkle & Shine with Standout Women’s Yarmulkes

Kippot - Women, Girl, Silk, Crystal, Beaded

Kippot for Women from The Tallis Lady

The Tallis Lady’s custom designs for women’s kippot feature beaded and crystal kippot. She uses beaded wire and Swarovski crystal for a look that is fresh and modern.

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Rhinestone Kippot - Women's Finely Beaded Yarmulkes

Women’s Finely Beaded Yarmulkes by Queen Esther Hair Covers

For a couture fashion look for the mother of the Bat Mitzvah or the bride, Queen Esther Hair Covers creates hand-made finely beaded rhinestones over net yarmulkes.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & Vendors4. Be Traditional with Suede, Satin & Knit Yamakas

Yamaka - Suede, Satin, Knit

Kippot from World of Judaica

World of Judaica has a large supply of satin, suede, and knit kippot made in Israel.

5. Get Creative with a Sports Theme

Sports Theme Pro Yarmulkes for a Bar & Bat MItzvah

Klipped Kippahs offers kippahs with patented built-in Klips.. Feel like a pro as you and your friends wear yarmulkes featuring your favorite team!

6. Showcase Your Culture

Kippot Israel American Flag

Kippot Israel & American Flag

Israeli & American Flag Kippah is available at Ahuva.

7. Personalize Your Kippot


Kippot Instructions, Yarmulkes, Yamaka, Kippah

Kippot with Instructions

Many bat/bar mitzvahs and couples inscribe the bottom of each kippah with their name and date. You can also include fun instructions (above), or use the space to share a meaningful quote (below).

Personalized Kippot

Personalized Kippot

You can also customize your kippot with a photo.  This can make a wonderful keepsake bat & bar mitzvah gift.

Kippah Photo, Kippot, Yarmulke

Kippah Photo

Photo kippah available from Ahuva.

There’s really no limit on the ways you can design a kippah.  You want to be mindful of the venue and the officiants, and you always want to be respectful and in good taste.  You can accomplish this and still show your personal style.

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Written by Lonni Delane