Entertaining & Engaging Your Mitzvah, Wedding and Party Guests

Who will I marry?  How many kids will we have?  Wouldn’t your guests love to find out! With a party psychic, they can!

Am I reading your thoughts?  Not me – It’s Sherrie Lynne, Party-Psychic who is!  Small or large events, Sherrie will get your guests laughing, arouse their curiosity and even leave some bewildered at her powers and talent.

Party Psychic Sherrie Lynne in Costume

Sherrie Lynn in Traditional Gypsy Costume

Looking for intriguing & engaging bat & bar mitzvah entertainment? What tween or teen isn’t curious about his or her future? Both immediate future (will David ask me out?) and long-term (Where will I live?) are burning questions begging to be answered. Adults attending a wedding, bridal shower or bachlorette party are just as intrigued. It’s not just the newly engaged couple, but also their guests who may wonder about their careers, where they will settle down, their children’s future and their own happiness. Baby showers or baby naming celebrations are great occasions for the new parent or  mother-to-be to have a reading and hear about her new baby’s future.  In short, Sherrie is the perfect entertainer for any kind event!


Beginnings Tarot CardDuring the cocktail hour Sherrie will walk around the room, mingling with your guests. Carrying her cards in an attractive pouch, guests are invited to pick out a card from her deck. They love the spontaneity and excitement of finding out what the tarot card they picked signifies or what the lines on their palms may mean. For example “Beginnings”, which is part of the Goddess Tarot deck, signifies it is time for the start of a great journey.  Be prepared to have your wishes granted. Many blessings are coming your way. Not only are the images in this deck gorgeous – but also very inspiring!

Invariably a guest exclaims: “How did you know that?!” At one bat mitzvah, Sherrie told a girl that she was very theatrically gifted. Even though the girl had always been too shy to audition, after her reading, the girl decided to try it out for a role. She got the part and credits Sherrie for inspiring her to take a chance and audition.

TIP:  During a bar or bat mitzvah – Sherrie recommends setting up a table to entertain the kids while the adults enjoy their drinks and socialize.  Mini readings are lots of fun. She shows the kids where their ‘life’ line, ‘love’ line and ‘head’ line are on their palm and the significance of each line and its path.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsTABLE -TO-TABLE ENTERTAINMENT 

During the reception, rather than setting up a table in a separate area, Sherrie recommends visiting tables and entertaining the group at each table.  She can give a quick demo about palm reading or tarot cards.  Readings are always upbeat and fun.

The Chariot Tarot CardThe Chariot card signifies that you are moving in the right direction.  You will get what you want and be victorious.


This is soo cool!  Sherrie can read jewelry, fragrances, wallets and much more.  Tell her what the theme of your party is and she will work with you to create a ‘theme reading’ to compliment your event. For example a ‘fashion themed party’ can feature reading guests’ watches or other jewelry. At weddings, she likes to read ‘wedding bands’, lipstick prints or wallets.


Sherrie sometimes carries a swinging pendulum on a chain.  The Magic Swinging Pendulum is very popular with kids and tweens.  Ask a question and the pendulum will respond by swinging in the direction of “yes” (up and down) or “no” (side to side). Guests have fun and love to challenge the pendulum!

Swinging Pendulums - Goddess Smokey Quartz

We’d like to thank Sherrie Lynne, Party Psychic for her great ideas.  Visit Sherrie on mazelmoments at  Sherrie Lynne Party Psychic.

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**20 minute phone reading

Check out Sherrie’s video! 

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