Decorating Your Pool for An Outdoor Wedding & Mitzvah

Pool Floating Flower Pomanders

Pool Floating Flower Pomanders

Pools are a great place to get a break from the summer heat.  Most of us don’t think of a swimming pool as a prop, but if you are hosting a summer wedding, bat/bar mitzvah or reception by the pool, you might want to think outside the box.  Now that the warm weather is here in full force, outdoor entertaining is at a high point and you want to make the most of your space.  There are all kinds of creative things you can do with this large piece of backyard real estate.

Floating Flower Balls by Alison Events via Casa Sugar. Check out How to Make a Floating Floral Pomander and Decorating with Kissing Balls.

Cover It Up With Pool Covers

Pool Cover Jewish Wedding CeremonyRent a plexiglass pool cover and have your Jewish wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or entire reception on top of the pool!  Clear pool covers make for a look that’s chic and modern, and is sure to impress your guests.

Florists & Party DecorWater-Resistant Decorative Lights

It’s hard to think of a more stunning effect than light reflecting on water.  It’s the oldest trick in the decorating book for a reason.  Modern technology lets you take it up a notch with water-friendly decorative lights.  Pool lights are a hot new trend that allows you to create an awesome color effect on the water.

Pool Decorative Colorful LightPhoto via Water Games for Kids. A similar Underwater LED Light Show is available from Amazon.

LED Light Pool Sculptures & Lanterns

There’s no limit to the decorative objects you can float in a pool.  You can dress things up with floating LED light sculptures.

Floating Pool Flower LanternsFind similar floating flowers here.

Floating lanterns create a striking colorful accent.

Pool Floating LED LanternsMood Light Garden Deco Balls (Light up Orbs) available for purchase on Amazon.

Floral Arrangements, Candles or Inflatables

Floating floral arrangements are simple and inexpensive.  Just arrange the blooms on a tray with some candles and scatter them throughout the pool.  Get creative with floating beach balls or inflatable animals.

Floating Pool SwanSwan blow-ups from The Knotty Bride add a whimsical dose of fun to your poolside affair.

Add a Fountain

Swimming Pool Fountain - Pool-side Wedding & Party Ideas

Add drama to your event with a swimming pool fountain!  Options are available with color-changing LED lights as well – view here.

Outside the Pool

Pool Decoration Silk Furniture DecorHow you decorate around the pool is also important.  You have to work with your space and find furnishings that don’t compete with this large, unmovable fixture.  Check out the websites of some celebrity event designers for décor inspiration.  Colin Cowie, event designer to the stars, used these brightly colored satin lounges.  This rich, luxurious look is deceptively simple to emulate.  All you need is several yards of bright satin to give you an eye-catching splash of color.  You can make seat cushion covers or, if you are really ambitious, make DIY ottomans.  Just remember that this look is not practical for long term outdoor use.

Additional Photo Credits: Wedding BeeLimn Modern Furniture

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Written by Lonni Delane