WOW Guests with Topiary Centerpieces & Candy Topiaries

A topiary is typically a shrub that has been trained into a defined shaped.  It has inspired a decor craze that is popping up at weddings, bat mitzvahs and parties everywhere!  It basically starts with Styrofoam shapes of either balls or squares, and from there it can be just about any material or color that a crafty imagination can dream up.  What makes it an especially popular crafting project is that it is relatively easy to get great results with minimal expense.

Rock Candy Topiary

Rock Candy Topiary by Fete Fanatic

Flower Topiaries

Flower topiaries are classy and beautiful.  You can use silk or real flowers.  If you choose real flowers, soak the Styrofoam ball in water to keep the blooms fresh.  Making fresh flower topiaries is a bit more involved.

Flower Topiary Centerpieces

Flower Topiary Centerpieces

If you want a flower topiary without the hassle and expense of fresh blooms, just craft your buds out of something else.  Paper, candy, old jewelry, or pretty much anything you can imagine!

Candy Topiary Centerpieces

Candy topiaries turn your favorite treat into a work of art.  Try using candy that has both color and texture. For kosher weddings and events there are many kosher candy options available. The frosty coating on gumdrops makes them a visually interesting option.

Candy Topiary

Gumball Candy Topiary

Florists & Party Decor

Rock Candy Topiaries are always a guest favorite!  DIY’ers – here are instructions to make them yourself.  Don’t have the time? The rock candy topiary centerpieces below can be purchased from Hollywood Candy Girls.

Rock Candy Topiary Centerpiece

Rock Candy Topiary Centerpiece 

Jelly beans or gumdrops can be arranged into fun patterns to fit your theme.

Jelly Bean Topiary

Jelly Bean Topiary

Mickey Mouse Candy Topiary

Mickey Mouse Candy Topiary

Balloon Topiary

Balloon Topiary

Balloon Topiary by Balloontastic Creations

Can you believe these beautiful designs are made completely from balloons?  Balloon topiaries are available from Balloontastic Creations or call (917) 566-6770.

Mesh Topiaries

These mesh topiaries are a fun burst of color, and craft projects don’t get much easier.  Just wire the mesh to a wire ball.

Use Your Imagination!  Pineapple Sunflower Topiary

Leave it to a celebrity event designer to take a simple craft project and turn it to an over the top, show-stopping creation.  Designer to the stars, Preston Bailey, uses sunflowers in this ambitious pineapple topiary creation.

Making a topiary for your party decor can be as simple as breaking out the glue gun and some easy materials.  If you want some ideas and how-tos for topiaries, there are lots of online instructions like this guide from Fave Crafts.  Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Fete FanaticBudget Savvy BrideEveryday CelebratingHollywood Candy GirlsHosting EssenceMardi Gras OutletPreston Bailey

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Written by Lonni Delane