3 Ways to GREEN Your Wedding, Mitzvah or Event

There are many ways you can make your wedding, bat/bar mitzvah or event more green.

1)      Online Wedding and Bat & Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Online Bar Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Online Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Using an online invitation service such as Greenvelope.com in place of traditional paper wedding and bat/bar mitzvah invitations can benefit the environment as well as your wallet! Greenvelope is an eco-chic invitation service that provides beautiful designs and elegant animated delivery of online invitations. While most online invitation services are cluttered with advertisements and lack a traditional feel, Greenvelope has managed to do otherwise, and in an impressive way. The animated spinning envelope creates a personal experience of receiving a traditional paper invitation and the options of beautiful designs are plentiful.

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2)      Local or Outdoor Location/Venue

Beach Jewish Wedding Sands Atlantic Beach

The Sands At Atlantic Beach

It is not often we think about the environmental impact of a location or venue of the big event. However, this can have the greatest overall impact on how environmentally friendly your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitvah may be. Selecting a venue for your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitvah that is closest to most of your guests can have a tremendous positive impact on the events overall effect on the environment. Choosing a location where many of your guests are required to fly in or drive long distances will heavily increase the carbon footprint of your event. If the weather permits, outdoor venues are a great option as they do not require temperature control or significant lighting, such as The Sands at Atlantic Beach (pictured) . In addition to the venue it always helps to use re-usable linens, silverware and glassware.

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3)      Organic or Locally Grown Catering

Considering this is Jewish event, how could I not talk about food! Catering your event by hiring a local catering service that serves organic, locally grown food certainly boosts your special events eco-friendliness. Also, selecting wines that are local or regional also helps. By hiring a local caterer whose focus is on creating memorable celebratory meals from locally sourced ingredients, you will cut down on fuel consumption, help support local farmers and vendors, and have a much fresher meal!

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman