Sandy’s Nightclub Bar Mitzvah, NYC

Sandy’s Bar Mitzvah service was May 26, 2012 at Temple Beth Torah in Melville, NY, followed by a  party at Crimson nightclub in New York City.Bar Mitzvah New York City

Mom Karin “Sandy is a thoughtful, kind, fun, and creative boy.  He enjoys playing basketball and tennis, skiiing, drawing, and loves hanging out with his friends.”

Sandy's Bar Mitzvah - Tennis

Sandy’s temple shoot and family portraits were shot on one of the most beautiful days of the years by Luciebelle Photography. The weather for the party…not so much. They had to fight against unbearable humidity and narrowly averted a torrential down pour. Still, everyone had an amazing time.

Bar Mitzvah Family Portraits

Bar Mitzvah Family Swing Set

The bar mitzvah color scheme was blue, black and silver.  Photos were the inspiration for much of the decor. The bar mitzvah centerpieces were lucite photo cubes with photos of Sandy. Photofetti (little round photos of Sandy) was sprinkled across the tables. There were three blow-up photos of Sandy by the bar and dance floor and oversized balloons hovered by the ceiling.  Sandy also had a photobooth, called “the booth” at his party, and the guests had a great time taking photos with the props they offered.

Bar Mitzvah Photo Cubes and Decorations Photo Cube CenterpiecesBar Mitzvah Photo CubesBar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsThe family’s favorite thing about Sandy’s Bar Mitzvah celebration was the relaxed atmosphere of the night.  Sandy, brother Drew, and dad Eric wore jeans and the guests were told to wear whatever they felt comfortable in.  Bar Mitzvah Candle Lighting Bar Mitzvah Cake & Candle LightingBar Mitzvah CakeBar Mitzvah Cake FamilyMom Karin’s Mitzvah Mom Advice

When planning, don’t overthink things.  Choose what you like and then realize that it’s not a life decision, it’s just a party and what makes the night is the energy and the people at the party, not the things in the room.

Bar Mitzvah Party NYCBar Mitzvah Party Mitzvah Project

For Sandy’s Mitzvah project he sponsored an owl named Solomon from Volunteers for Wildlife, an organization on Long Island that helps preserve the Island’s wildlife and their habitats.  Sandy loves animals and went to visit the owls and other wildlife at Bailey Arboretum, where they live.  He donated part of his money from his Bar Mitzvah gifts to VW and is planning to participate in a beach cleanup, which will help make the animals’ environments safer.  Great Work, Sandy!!Bar Mitzvah Family

Mazel Tov to Sandy and the Greenberg family!  Thanks to you and Tiffany Oelfke from Luciebelle Photography for sharing your special day with us!

Theme: Photos, Nightclub  (View All Themes)
Colors: Blue, Black, Silver
Vendor Credits:
Photographer:  Luciebelle Photography
Ceremony: Temple Beth Torah in Melville, NY
Event Venue:  Crimson
Party Planner:  Stefanie Bartell-Zednik, SBZ Events
Photo Booth:  the booth
DJ: Kevin Thompson
Editorial Partner: Two Bright Lights

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman