Tips on Finding a Rabbi for Your Wedding

Finding a rabbi to officiate your wedding is a very important decision, as it will set the tone for your entire wedding ceremony.

The first step in finding the right rabbi is to discuss with your fiancé your ideal ceremony, and determine what type of wedding you would like to have.  The religious movement you each belong to will play a role in whether the ceremony will be Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or another movement. However there is also a wide range of customs and traditions which you may be able to incorporate into the ceremony.


A rabbi should help you understand and appreciate all of the customs and traditions that you will be performing on your wedding day. From signing the ketubah to breaking the glass, each Jewish wedding tradition has deep history and meaning. The more you understand, the  more special it will feel on your big day. Some rabbis will also encourage the couple to personalize their ceremony to make it special to them.Couples from interfaith backgrounds may decide to have two officiants representing the different faiths at a wedding. It’s important to communicate your preferences with everyone involved (including the officiants) at the beginning of the process.

I’s also important to find a rabbi that meets your expectations for premarital counseling. Many rabbis take the time to get to know the couple and encourage them to discuss important topics such as finances, children, challenges and goals.

Take the time to research rabbis, read reviews on mazelmoments and also reach out to referrals. Once you find a rabbi that you and your fiancé feel comfortable with and connected to, you have found your perfect rabbi! Mazel tov!

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