Photo Props and Cool Backdrops

6 Ideas To Jazz Up Your Photos Using Photo Props & Backdrops

Your wedding or mitzvah is a big special day, and you want to remember it FOREVER.  Goodness knows that the pictures are a big part of that.  They’re worth a thousand words, after all.  The problem is some of your guests may be a bit camera shy.  Even the willing ones might not feel especially relaxed in front of the lens.   What’s a host to do?  If you give the matter a little forethought, there are ways to bring out their inner Tyra Banks.  Cool props create a fun atmosphere and make photo taking part of the good times.  Not only that, they boost the energy and make for better, less self-conscious pics.

1. Signs & Banners

Creating the perfect photo props can require getting a little artsy craftsy.  Try making a banner with your logo or name.  Or have one made with the year or a special quote.

Year Wedding Photo PropPhoto: Style Me Pretty

2. Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl backdrops are an easy way to spice up the background.  Available from many retailers, such as, the design options are nearly limitless!

Party Trend: Vinyl Backdrops - Pink & Purple Candy Buffet

Photo: Hostess with the Mostess

Similar bokeh vinyl backdrops are available at

3. Frames

Polaroid Wedding Photo PropPhoto: Bridefinds

Posing in a large picture frame is fun and entertaining for guests.  Try making a Polaroid frame out of poster board.  You can also buy one from Personalize it by stenciling your logo and date.

4. Sparklers & Streamers

Pastel Wedding Streamers Photo: Madeline’s Weddings

Sparklers and streamers really jazz up the shot and encourage your guests to show some excitement.  Pick a key moment during the festivities to hand them out, such as exiting the synagogue (or ceremony venue) or entering the reception. Be sure to alert the photographer that you are doing this.

5. Photo Booth Backdrops

In addition to a photo booth or flip book station, a fun idea is to have an area featuring a beautiful or creative backdrop for guests to take photos.  Anything goes for unique backdrops, including pinwheels, garlands, string lights and paper cranes.

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Garland Photo Prop BackdropPhoto: Rock N Roll Bride

Mitzvah Logo

Mitzvah Logo BackdropPhoto: Party Favorites Blog

Flower Wall

Flower Wall BackdropWhen you are planning your wedding, be sure to check out some of the wedding shows for inspiration.  TLC’s Four Weddings is campy and fun, but it also gives you some insight into what works and what doesn’t when planning the big day.   The bride Mariana from the episode “…and a Wall of Flowers” had a feature in her reception that was nothing short of DIY genius.  She crafted a photo backdrop of paper flowers.  The glow from her GOBO lights made it breathtaking.  The table of props such as top hats and feather boas made posing even more fun.  If making a backdrop is a bit too ambitious for you, talk to your photographer or rent a photo booth set up.  In the words of Madonna, strike a pose!

Photo Credits: TLC

6. Theme Props

You can also buy or create photo props to fit your theme, or showcase your logo or monogram.  Here are some examples using hearts.  Be creative and almost anything can work!

Heart Photo PropHeart Photo BackdropPhotos: 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes

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Written by Lonni Delane