Cool Flavored Ice Cubes

Summer weddings and outdoor bar/bat mitzvahs and events scream for cool beverages. The next time you make ice, instead of just running the tray under the tap, jazz up your beverage with flavored ice.  The recipes are quick and simple, and the cubes give your drink a bit of extra flavor instead of watering them down.  It’s also a tasty addition to a drink of water.

Edible Flower Ice CubesEdible flowers like pansies, snapdragons, and nasturtiums not only make adorable cubes (like these from Ruche), they also add an unexpected punch to whatever you put them in.  Nasturtiums have a sweet, peppery taste that is good in salads, homemade vinaigrette, and with fruit.  Pansies have a tangy flavor that takes lemonade up a notch.

Frozen Coffee Ice CubesIced coffee is wonderful… at first.  Melting ice makes it anything but good to the last drop.  Don’t dump that leftover coffee pot just yet!  Coffee cubes are not only decorative, they keep your iced coffee tasting fresh.  Of course, you can also do this with tea.

Mint Herb Ice Cubes & TeaYou can get really creative with your own ice cube recipes.  Try lemon mint cubes or coriander with orange juice.  Use the zest of lemons, limes, and oranges.  Use the leaves of mint and herbs either whole or ground up.  Cubes made from simple syrup of hot water and sugar instead of plain water helps keep your drink from getting weak.

Berry Ice Cubes, Blueberry & StrawberryBerries are another tasty and decorative options for ice cubes. Ice cubes with strawberries or blueberries are great in a sparkling wine or cocktails.  One helpful tip for getting the clearest cubes is to boil the water first.  Dress things up even more by using silicone ice trays with fun shapes like hearts or stars.

If you would put it in a drink, you can put it in an ice cube.  Using colorful, flavored cubes is sure to amuse your guests at your next get together.


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Photo Credits: Ruche, The Pink Grapefruit BlogGourmet Memoirs, Babble

Written by Lonni Delane