Feather Centerpieces – Tips for Your Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Sweet 16

Whether your planning a bat mitzvah, sweet 16 party, or Jewish wedding, sweeping ostrich feathers are still dramatic, impressive and au courant. Feather pricing, however, is not exactly “lighter than air”.  Lynn Jawitz, owner of Florisan Wedding and Event Design NYC, exposes the top…

Things to be Aware of Before Feathering up Your Catering Hall

White & Pink Feather Centerpieces

White Feather Centerpieces, Pink & Blue Lighting

Photo Credit: Florisan Wedding and Event Design NYC

All feathers are not created equal. As in life, there are fancy feathers and those less so, depending on from which part of the ostrich anatomy the feathers originate. Do not expect male wing feather Cadillac feathers for a KIA price. Contributing cost factors concern feather quality and length of the individual feathers.

Florists & Party Decor

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Photo Credit: Preston Bailey

Ask about feather centerpiece rental. The issue of which party brings the feathers home at the end of the evening is a huge price point, and should be clarified– after all, who does really need 15 tall purple feather centerpieces in the rec room?

Purple Feather Centerpieces

Purple Feather Centerpieces

Photo Credit: Florisan Wedding and Event Design NYC

Other cost factors include what type of vases the feather centerpiece will be sitting upon and what might be included within that vase, if anything.

Knowledge is power in the flight to fancy feathers floating freely above the fray.

A special thanks to  Lynn Jawitz for ruffling our feathers! Check out Florisan Wedding and Event Design NYC on mazelmoments.

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman