Lighting Tips to Create Your Party Ambiance

Lighting tips to enhance your venue and your party

Candles,  votives, strobes, dimmers – These are a few of the most popular venue and party lighting options.  Since lighting can define your party’s  atmosphere, it’s important to think about the type of setting you want to create.  We’ve put together a comparison of popular lighting choices – whether you are planning a romantic ambiance event or a high-energy party with your guests on the dance floor, you’ll find some helpful tips here.

DIMMERS:  If the venue has dimmers – use them.  But with care – You want reduce the glare and brightness of full wattage, but you also want to be sure that the photographers and videographers will have enough lighting to memorialize your event  beautifully.  Dimmers will create a more romantic environment.

 Pros:  Romantic, less glare, can control the intensity of the light and adjust it through the evening. Adjusting the dimmers can let your guests know that it’s time to dance or someone is about to make a grand entrance

Cons:  The photographer & Videographers need a heads up so that they come prepared with adequate lighting.

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CANDLES – PILLARS and VOTIVES:  Candles and votives create a romantic ambience  and scented ones even add essence – but remember you can’t control the intensity of their light source.  Too many candles and the area will be too bright.

Pros:  Romantic and they can smell great

Cons:  Guests may be allergic to the scent.

FIre hazard – check with the facility if candles are allowed

Can’t control the intensity of the light.

Suggestion:  Place the candles around the room and on tables so that they enhance and don’t overpower or interfere with the layout of the room and seating, walking or dancing flow of the guests.

STROBES can encourage your guests to be on the dance floor and add fun and energy to your party. Consider the age of your guests though.  Older guests may find the strobes annoying and the lights irritating.  Also if you have strobes, make sure to give advance notice to your photographer and videographer so that they will be prepared with the right equipment.

PROS:  Strobes help to energize the guests and party.  The colors can create amazing photo opportunities also

CONS:  Don’t overuse the strobe lighting.  Some of your guests may not enjoy it as much and the ‘cool’ factor can wear out.  Party professionals should be experienced in working with strobes.

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