Custom Party Cake Toppings

Designing your custom party cake means being creative and serving a delicious unforgettable cake. There is a definite division between the buttercream and the fondant cake icing lovers.

BUTTERCREAM or FONDANT – You don’t need to choose!

YUMMY! - Buttercream is the yummy butter and sugar icing.  It’s smooth and creamy.  It screams out – take a swoop of me with your finger!  Watch out though…
Buttercream can lose its shape and begin to droop quickly especially if it sits out in a warm room or climate.

WOW!  How did you make a cake look like that?  

YUCK! I can’t eat that icing.

Fondant looks amazing – but most everyone agrees it tastes awful.  What is fondant?
It is a mixture of corn syrup, gelatin and sugar flattened out with a rolling pin and draped over the cake.  Fondant icing can be sculpted into any variety of unique shapes and colors to create an edible image which is not as susceptible to melting due to heat, humidity or prolonged exposure outside the refrigerator.

THE SOLUTION – Have your Cake and Eat it too!
Master bakers can ice the cake in your favorite buttercream flavor and then cover the top with a thin layer of fondant.  That will create and preserve that smooth look and since the thin layer of fondant  will melt into the buttercream —–the cake is still yummy!

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