5 Tips for an Amazing Bris or Baby Naming Celebration

What happens when you mix the East Coast and horrible blizzards?  Lots of babies!  Last winter was one of the worst the East Coast has experienced, but out of misery comes joy, with lots of beautiful babies now being born.

Jewish baby celebration (bris / brit milah and baby naming) is typically the first official baby celebration the parents will host.  So why not make them fun and exciting?  A beautifully decorated bris or baby naming can really set it apart.

Here is an example of a particularly well-decorated baby naming ceremony, of the beautiful Sydney Lila Diamond.  Decorations by Elegant Balloons.

Bris & Jewish Baby Naming Balloon Centerpiece

by Elegant Balloons

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  1. Contact balloon or decor vendors as soon as you have a date.  Just reading this and your event is next week?  Not to worry – you can call as little as 2 days in advance.  If the company you contacted is unavailable they can usually refer you to another one.
  2. Be realistic and honest about your budget – check out our Bris & Baby Naming Budget Manager
  3. Request Samples.  Take the samples to your venue and see how they look with the linens, and anything else you would like them to match.
  4. Still don’t have the perfect vision of a theme and color scheme?  Ask to see pictures, or check out decoration photos online.
  5. With life extenders, balloons can last for over a week. Why not donate them to a local shelter, or contact your synagogue or school for donation ideas.
Bris & Jewish Baby Naming Balloon Centerpieces

by Elegant Balloons

Bris & Jewish Baby Naming Celebration Party Balloon Decorations

by Elegant Balloons

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