9 Purim Gift Basket (Mishloach Manot) Ideas

Purim Creative Ideas for Purim Baskets, Mishloach ManotPurim is approaching!  That means fun, costumes, celebration, and Purim Baskets!

We’re excited to share creative ideas to make your Purim Basket, or Mishloach Manot, extra special and memorable.


9 Unique Purim Basket Ideas

Purim baskets typically contain cookies, candies, masks, and noisemakers, and come in a bag or box.  Lots of people get creative with these items, but it’s not as common to skip the bag or box in favor of more unique packaging.

1. Edible Packaging

Kit Kat Cake

Made in Melissa’s Kitchen

For smaller Mishloach Manot, why not make a Kit Kat Basket!

2. Recycle Old T-Shirts READ MORE ......

Fun Times Cubed – Ice Bowls & DIY Ice Decor for Weddings, Mitzvahs & Events

When it comes to planning an event, whether it be a Jewish wedding, bat/bar mitzvah, Sweet 16 or party, it can be easy to overlook the small stuff.  No one forgets that big centerpiece sitting in the middle of the table, but what about the rest of the space?  Nothing dials down the décor like neglected areas.  This is where you want to work smarter, not harder.   You want something easy and plentiful.    It doesn’t get any more plentiful (and affordable) than water.   You’d be amazed by what you can create when you freeze the stuff.  Ice décor can be that unexpected touch that gets your guests talking.

Ice Bowl with Flowers

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Hanukkah For Kids – 8 Activity Ideas

8 Chanukah Activities for Children – One for Each Night!

Hanukkah Chanukah Kids Crafts Activities Kids LOVE Hannukah!  What’s not to love?  They get eight nights of fun gifts, play games, and eat lots of chocolate and jelly doughnuts.  It’s a dream come true!  So it’s a perfect opportunity for parents to get their children involved and excited.

Here are some products and activities to help kids learn about Hannukah while having an amazing time.

1. Jewish Star Chanukah Desserts READ MORE ......

Find of the Week – Moses Date Vodka

Last week’s Kosherfest featured a lot of amazing new products in the Kosher world.  One of our absolute favorites was a date-flavored vodka by Moses. With the sweetness of candy and a little kick, Moses Date Vodka is enjoyed ice-cold on the rocks, or can be mixed as a cocktail – a favorite combination is with lime and sriracha. Once a bottle is opened, this internationally award-winning spirit doesn’t last long!

Moses Date-Flavored Kosher Vodka

You can pick up your bottle (or two) of Moses Date Vodka at Skyview Wine & Spirits.

Use code MazelDeal for 10% off all liquor, or 20% off 12 or more bottles of wine, excluding sales items. Lowest prices guaranteed.


8 Fun Ideas for Rosh Hashanah

With Rosh Hashanah rapidly approaching, we’ve got some great ideas for the whole family to ring in a sweet and fun new year!

If you and your family like to do crafts, here are some options that are sure to entertain!

1. Apple & Honey Dipping Bar

Apple & Honey Dipping Bar, Rosh Hashanah Ideas

Get your guests engaged and in the spirit with an Apple & Honey Dipping Bar, like this one from Design Megillah. Set up toppings like graham crackers, ground nuts, coconut, and chocolate, and let guests create their own masterpiece!  You can also serve different honey flavors for a truly unique experience. READ MORE ......

Passover Seder | 5 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Pesach

5 Ideas Kid-Friendly Passover (Pesach) SederA new generation is reading the Four Questions at our Passover seder! Our family is growing, and the traditional seder is evolving. We are now thinking about how to make the Jewish traditions fun and engaging for the young children in our families.

We want to make Passover a memorable and fun learning experience for everyone! So we started to explore ways to create a kid-friendly seder.

We’ve put together our top 5 Ideas for Making a Child-Friendly Passover Seder. READ MORE ......

Cool Flavored Ice Cubes

Summer weddings and outdoor bar/bat mitzvahs and events scream for cool beverages. The next time you make ice, instead of just running the tray under the tap, jazz up your beverage with flavored ice.  The recipes are quick and simple, and the cubes give your drink a bit of extra flavor instead of watering them down.  It’s also a tasty addition to a drink of water.

Edible Flower Ice CubesEdible flowers like pansies, snapdragons, and nasturtiums not only make adorable cubes (like these from Ruche), they also add an unexpected punch to whatever you put them in.  Nasturtiums have a sweet, peppery taste that is good in salads, homemade vinaigrette, and with fruit.  Pansies have a tangy flavor that takes lemonade up a notch. READ MORE ......

Party Trend – Dessert Skewers & Candy Kebobs

It’s no secret – guests love food served on a stick!  Teriyaki chicken skewers, vegetable kebobs, cake pops – there’s just something fun and whimsical about eating off a stick.  So it should be no surprise that the latest bat & bar mitzvah and party trend is Dessert on a Stick!  We’re talking Dessert Kebobs, Cake Skewers & Candy Kebobs – Your guests’ favorite desserts skewered together for a mouth-watering crowd pleaser!

Party Cake Skewers

Dessert Kebobs

Almost any type of dessert or cake can be skewered together for a fun and unique kosher dessert. This cute idea from eighteen25 stacks a rice krispie treat, mini strawberry cupcake, mini powdered donut, mini chocolate cupcake and another rice krispie treat. READ MORE ......

Martini & Mocktini Signature Cocktails For Your Color Theme

Martini Signature Cocktail by Wedding & Party Color ThemeOn National Martini Day, we rounded up the best martini and mocktini recipes to match your wedding or party color palette.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or white – regardless of your theme, we’ve got the perfect signature cocktail for you! READ MORE ......

Frozen Cocktail Push-Pops & Spiked Snow Cones | Summer Weddings & Parties

It’s about that time…time to put away your winter clothes and break out your t-shirts and summer dresses.  Summer’s around the corner!  Finally!

Beautiful weather means outdoor weddings, parties and events. Ask any man and you’ll quickly learn that outdoor events also mean….Sweat!  Not to worry – here are some refreshing & fun ideas to keep your guests cool at your summer reception.

Frozen Cocktail Push-Pops

Frozen Cocktail Push PopAbigail Kirsch Catering Relationships sets the standard for creativity and presentation with their innovative take on the popular “cupcake push-pops”.  These frozen cocktail push-pops are sure to be a hit at your outdoor summer event.  Abigail Kirsch offers the push-pops in a variety of flavors. READ MORE ......