Tips & Questions for the Caterer | Wedding, Mitzvah, Event

Finding the Perfect Caterer Takes More Than Great Intuition.

Here Are Important Tips and Questions To Ask Straight From an Expert!

Alexis Fine

Alexis Fine DeAngelis has a lifetime’s worth of experience in the business beyond her years, as the 4th generation in a family of restaurant and catering specialists. As Director of Catering for Twenty Four Fifth and  Bridgewaters of The Glazier Group, we asked her to come up with her top tips & questions to ask the caterer/venue for your wedding, bat or bar mitzvah, party, or any event.

TIP 1 – It’s important to really get familiar with your caterer’s service and food presentation.

Details add to the success of the event.  Alexis gives some examples of how how no detail is too small – handmade sugar flowers for place settings, tiny decorated cupcakes, tuiles and specialized cocktails. ‘Cake Genius’ Lidiya Zdork creates these beautiful fondant flowers in various stages of bloom and color intensity as the final decorating touches to a cake.

Dont’ trust your eyes!  These flowers are fondant. Talk about attention to detail!

Fondant Roses as Centerpiece or Cake Decoration

Full Bloom Fondant Roses

Wow – How amazing do these flowers and cake look! READ MORE ......

Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops

Recipe for Chocolate Covered Double Stuff Oreo PopsAt mazelmoments, we love to keep you posted on the latest wedding & party trends. So we’re excited to share with you…

DIY Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops!

Double Stuff Oreos will always bring a smile to a person’s face – whether you’re a child, adult, or grandparent! Cover them in chocolate and add some fun toppings and you’ve got yourself a winning dessert!

The best part of Oreo Pops is that you can get very creative with the display. Decorate a styrofoam cone, arrange them in a cake pop display – there are endless possibilities to decorate your dessert buffet with these tasty and decadent treats!

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Mitzvahs & Weddings – Coordinating Themes, Colors & Event Space

Have fun mixing settings & party themes with your venue!  

Elegant wedding table settings at Twenty Four Fifth

To help inspire you, we’ve asked one of our experts to share some photos and ideas of how to incorporate a party theme into a wedding or mitzvah – even changing the atmosphere of the venue space.

The Catering & Special Events team at Twenty Four Fifth show how the glamourous and elegant ballroom pictured above can also be an amazing venue to host mitzvahs and more casual trendy affairs. Can you imagine this room with a sports theme, a retro themed party or even set up with a Green Recycled theme? No need – we’ve got the pictures! READ MORE ......

Polka Dot Bat Mitzvah “Dot Mitzvah”

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Venues are reporting a growing trend in “dot mitzvahs,” where everything is decorated in polka-dots, from the walls and tables, down to the tic-tac boxes for place cards.  This is a great idea for a fun and decorative bat mitzvah celebration.

Polka “Dot Mitzvah” Decor

Polka Dot Mitzvah Decorations | Mitzvah Theme

Polka Dot Party Decorations

Decor by Josh and Company

Polka Dot Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Polka Dot Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Polka Dot Party Invitations

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Ombre Bat Mitzvah, Party & Wedding Theme

Ombre is one of the hottest color trends right now for weddings, bat mitzvahs, parties and events.

What is Ombre?

Ombre refers to a graduation of color, one color gradually changes shades from soft to vibrant, or changes from one color to a different color. Ombre is so popular because the color effect can be gorgeous, and there is so much room for creativity and experimentation.  Ombre is appearing in almost every category where color is important – fashion, hair color, interior decorating, and of course cakes, party decorations and wedding decor (our personal favorite)!

Here are some ideas for incorporating the Ombre Color Theme into your event:

Ombre Cakes

Ombre Wedding Cake from Pink Cake Box

Ombre Cake from Pink Cake Box

Ombre Wedding Cake, Rainbow, Orange, Yellow, Green

Neon Ombre Cake

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Winter Wonderland Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Sweet 16, Party

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Bling…Sparkles…Winter White. A Winter Wonderland Theme can make for a gorgeous and elegant bat mitzvah party!  The team at Balloon Artistry created a sparkling Winter Wonderland at this B’nai Mitzvah!

Winter Wonderland Balloon Snowflake Archway

Winter Wonderland Balloon Arch

Winter Wonderland Balloon Arch

What a beautiful way for your guests to enter the ballroom! READ MORE ......

Newest Trends in Kosher Food & Desserts: Kosher Food & Wine Experience 2012

We spent a decadent evening at the Kosher Food & Wine Experience 2012 at Chelsea Piers in NYC, and are excited to share with you the latest trends in kosher food and presentation.

The overriding trend is that kosher caterers and kosher restaurants are aiming to create a “taste experience.” They are using innovative ingredients and flavor combinations, and creating fun experiences like having us squirt sauce into our mouth with a dropper before eating the delicious appetizer.  Here are some of the standouts.

Simple and creative, these Beet, Apple and Jicama Skewers by Gemstone Catering make a great appetizer! They’re beautiful, tasty and amazingly refreshing! You can try them on your own with almost any combination!

Kosher Food & Wine Experience 2012 Gemstone Catering Beet, Apple & Jicama SkewersWho doesn’t love a martini bar?  got cholent? Inc used this beautiful and inviting display for their Kiddush Club Cold Herring & Caviar Bar.

got cholent? Inc Kiddush Club Cold Herring & Caviar Bar

Kosher Indian food from Shalom Bombay included a wonderful cashew Chicken Korma, and a tender and delicious Towa Beef in a tomato pepper sauce. READ MORE ......

Party Dessert Trend: Cupcake Push Pops & Cake Shooters

Whether you’re planning a wedding, bat / bar mitzvah, children’s party or corporate event, cupcake push pops and cake shooters are sure to be a hit!

Cake Shooters and Cupcake Push Pops

Push Pop Containers available for purchase at Koyal Wholesale

The idea is simple, and fabulous!  A plastic tube is filled with layers of cake or cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, and other fun toppings.  The clear container allows you to see all the fun layers before shooting the decadent dessert into your mouth! READ MORE ......