Emma’s Art Theme Bat Mitzvah Party

Art Theme Bat Mitzvah Party
Most teens hope to choose a bar or bat mitzvah theme that reflects their personality and interests.  Sometimes this is easy and sometimes…not so much.  In Emma’s case, having an art-themed bat mitzvah was a perfect fit. READ MORE ......

Opposites Attract – A Boston Jewish Wedding

Boston Jewish WeddingChristine lights up a room whenever she enters it and loves the classics, right down to her “getting ready” playlist of Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra. Josh, more of the observer and quiet one, has a surprising love of hip hop and urban culture, and a certain relaxed vibe that worked as a counter to his bride’s spirited personality. They tied the knot in a traditional Jewish wedding on a sweltering August day in Boston. Photography by Kristin Chalmers Photography. READ MORE ......

Interfaith Weddings: Jewish & Hindu Wedding Inspiration

Traditions for your Jewish & Hindu Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

Jewish Hindu Interfaith Wedding Traditions

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is that it it blends together two lives as one. Two backgrounds, two viewpoints on life, two families, and sometimes two religions.

Growing together in faith is an important part of marriage. If you are having an interfaith wedding,  finding ways to harmoniously incorporate the traditions of each faith can be tricky, but it can also make the wedding a unique and wonderful one. You may be surprised to find some unexpected common ground. READ MORE ......

Destination Jewish Wedding

Jewish WeddingFor Amy and Aaron, their Jewish wedding was all about sharing a special time with the people closest to them. The family was there to help them celebrate and there were personal touches throughout the event. Everyone had a chance to get away for a while on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina for this intimate Jewish wedding. Photography by Richard Bell Photography. READ MORE ......

Classic Jewish Wedding in Delray Beach, FL

Jewish BrideDave and Randi’s Florida beach Jewish wedding was nothing short of breathtaking. It just doesn’t get much better than ocean side “I do’s” with palm trees swaying in the background. Photography by 3 Chicks That Click Photography. READ MORE ......

Eco-Friendly Seed Kippot from Circles of Life

Plant Your Yarmulke and Help The Environment!

Eco Friendly Seed Kippot

Eco Friendly Seed Kippot by Circles of Life

Kippot Pileup.”  The perfect term to describe the drawer or shelf that contains dozens of yarmulkes from Jewish weddings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs you’ve attended over the years.  We all have one.  It may come in handy for holiday dinners, but typically most of these treasured kippot will never again see the light of day. READ MORE ......

Jewish Beach Wedding Florida

We all love a beautiful beach, and for a wedding it is the most stunning decor courtesy of Mother Nature. Lindsay and Adam’s Jewish wedding in Clearwater Beach, Florida was filled with corals and greens and swaying trees. Photography by Brewer Photography & Videography.

Jewish Wedding Florida READ MORE ......

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations – Trend Alert

Top 3 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitation Trends for 2013 from Cindy Witkow Designs

Invitations set the tone for your child’s b’nai mitzvah.  They’re your guests’ first peek into the type of event they’ll be attending.  Teens can take it as an opportunity to reflect their personality and style, and give guests a glimpse into their overall theme.  Cindy from Cindy Witkow Designs shares the top three trends she’s seeing this year.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations Trends

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations Trends

Trend #1 – Showcase The Theme in a Small Way READ MORE ......

Personalized Custom Ketubah by Jonathan Blum

Ketubahs are in the midst of a revival.  The beauty of the ketubah, or Jewish marriage contract, is universal – it transforms your marriage vows into a work of art that can be displayed in your home forever.

While there are many beautiful ketubot to choose from, there is nothing more personal than a custom ketubah made specifically for you.  Meet artist Jonathan Blum….

Custom Tree of Life Ketubah

Custom Tree of Life Ketubah – Jonathan Blum

Jonathan Blum is a creative artist with a truly unique point of view.  His gift made him one of the top 10 artists nominated by the public to be in a group show at the Brooklyn Museum. His custom ketubot are completely personalized to showcase your interests and style.  READ MORE ......