Planning Your Child’s Bris Milah or Bris Bat

Bris Milah or Bris Bat?

Bris Milah Ceremony Jewish Circumcision

Mazel Tov!  You’re having a boy!  Whether you find out that you are having a son beforehand or on that big day, Jewish parents look forward not only to welcoming their son into the world, but also to the Jewish convenant. The Jewish son will have a bris (also known as a bris milahbrit or brit milah). The bris bonds your son to thousands of years of tradition, in the the presence of family and friends.

Mazel Tov!  You’re having a girl!  Don’t we also want to welcome our daughter to the Jewish convenant? Isn’t there a celebration of her birth?

Lucy Eisenstein Waldman, a mohelet (female mohel), explains how Jewish parents celebrate the birth of their son or daughter.

Brit Milah Bris Bat Jewish Baby Naming Ceremony

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