3D Ketubahs | Jewish Wedding Trend

The latest trend in ketubot is to make them 3 dimensional!  Once we spotted this Jewish wedding trend, we caught up with 3D ketubah & Judaica artist Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin from Ashra Designs :: Judaic Art Creations to give us the scoop.

3D Ketubahs

3D ketubahs themselves seem to be something new to the market, and have only recently begun to catch on.  A 3D ketubah is in most cases a ketubah that has additional elements added to the top of the design to create dimension and add drama to the overall look.

3D Ketubah 4 Pillars Ketubah Charm by Ashra Designs Judaic Art Creations

3D ketubahs are gaining popularity because couples are desiring a document that reflects their own commitment of marriage, and is also a gorgeous piece of art.  They are attracted to the drama that the 3-dimensionality adds to the overall design and how it brings an otherwise flat piece of paper to life. Beautiful art is important, relevant, and timeless, which can represent how couples view their own upcoming marriage. READ MORE ......

6 Chuppah Design Ideas – Traditional, Modern & Unique Huppahs


Cherry Blossom Chuppah

Cherry Blossom Chuppah via You & Your Wedding

Maybe it’s because I come from such a large family, but we have a lot of wedding photos that include our chuppah! The family portraits, wedding party, and of course the entire wedding ceremony! Having a chuppah (a.k.a. huppah, chuppa or Jewish wedding arch) that we absolutely love made the pictures even more special. As an added bonus, our  florist used the flowers from our chuppah to decorate the bride & groom table at the reception. This had the dual benefit of lowering our costs and adding consistency to our wedding decor.

The Chuppah is a traditional Jewish wedding canopy the couple stands under during the wedding ceremony. Huppah is Hebrew for covering, and that’s exactly what it is! The huppah can be a tallis held up by four poles, an extravagant display of flowers and branches, or anything in between. It symbolizes the new home the couple will share, open on all sides showing that guests are always welcome.

Because of its physical and symbolic beauty, many couples of all different cultures and religions choose to incorporate the chuppah into their wedding ceremony.

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5 Steps to the Perfect Ketubah | Jewish Weddings

What do ketubahs, wedding dresses, and husbands all have in common?  

Once you find the right one, you just know!

3D Ketubah 4 Pillar Series by Ashra DesignsShopping for a ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract from ancient tradition, is a very subjective and personal process.  The possibilities are virtually limitless, so we set out to help guide you through the process.

We asked 3D ketubah & Judaica artist Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin from Ashra Designs :: Judaic Art Creations to provide her insight into finding the perfect ketubah that speaks to you as a couple, without getting overwhelmed.

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Ketubah READ MORE ......

Let Your Ketubah Inspire Your Chuppah

Top 7 Examples of Chuppahs Inspired by Ketubahs

Your ketubah, or Jewish marriage contract, is truly a work of art that reflects you and your fiance’s style and artistic taste.  With so much effort being put into choosing the right ketubah, it makes perfect sense for your ketubah to be an inspiration for other elements of your wedding, or your life!  We love the idea of ketubah-inspired chuppah designs!  It may take some creativity, but the results can be magical!  Here are 6 examples we’re loving:

#1 - Nature-Inspired Trees & Branches

Ketubah Chuppah Inspiration

Ketubah Chuppah Inspiration

Ideal for an outdoor wedding or green celebration, nature can inspire your event by serving as your decor.  The tree of life is full of meaningful symbolism, making it a beautiful addition to your wedding details. READ MORE ......

Downtown Jewish Interfaith Wedding – Indianapolis, IN

Jewish Wedding Indianapolis

Certain brides know exactly what they want.  They’ve seen a few things, developed their tastes, and are not caught up in the hoopla put out by the latest edition of bridal magazines.  Nicole was that kind of bride.   READ MORE ......

Traditional Fall Jewish Wedding

Kimberly and Joshua’s traditional Jewish wedding took place October 30, 2011, at Heska Amuna Synagogue in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The season and the beautiful red, orange and yellow tones of the natural Autumn setting inspired the fall themed décor and accents.

Jewish Wedding Flowers - Fall Theme, Red, Yellow, Orange

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Jewish Wedding Guide to Pre-Wedding Traditions & Customs

The Jewish culture loves to celebrate!  The Jewish wedding day is called the “big day” for a reason, but there are many possible events leading up to the big day that can add meaning and memories to this special time in your life.

Jewish Wedding Pre-Ceremony Traditions

Henna Party

Jewish Wedding Henna Party

Some brides have a henna party a week or so before the wedding, a ritual stemming from Sephardic tradition.  The henna party is a joyful ceremony meant to bring good luck to the bride and groom.  The bride’s skin is stained with beautiful patterns made from henna.  While the henna dries, traditionally the bride’s friends and family feed her treats and send her good wishes.  Some couples choose to have a joint henna ceremony in which the henna is applied to the ring fingers and feet of the bride and groom to encourage fertility.

Mikvah (Mikveh) READ MORE ......

Custom Tallit | Not Your Zaydie’s Tallis

It’s your son’s bar mitzvah, or daughter’s bat mitzvah. Or you want a special custom designed tallit for your Jewish wedding. Just a few situations in which you can imagine yourself on a quest for the perfect Tallit.  You might be surprised to find yourself  presented with an almost infinite multitude of choices, which can become quite overwhelming.  Tallit and Kippah for WomanNo matter what your style, color preference and budget are, one thing is certain:  you are looking for an object that represents a long standing tradition,  possibly the very thing that will be treasured by your future offspring and reveal something about your personality to them,  that will become your family’s heirloom.  Talk about pressure! READ MORE ......

Same-Sex Ketubah

Guest Post by Arielle Angel & Maya Joseph-Goteiner

Co-Founders of KETUV: Fine Art Ketubahs

Same-Sex Ketubah, Gay Ketubahs

Same-Sex Ketubah by Ketuv

As a ketubah company, part of our motivation for getting into this business was to help couples connect to the Jewish tradition through fresh, contemporary artwork, and for us, that means every couple to whom Judaism is important. If Judaism is to thrive, it should respond to the needs of the modern Jewish community, and to that end, Ketuv is committed to honoring the diversity of the Jewish people. READ MORE ......