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Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If you have any additional questions or would like anything clarified, please contact Customer Service at (917) 771-5829.




How do I Add Photos to my profile?

  • Log in and click on Your User Name
  • Select LISTING 
  • In the section of the Listing that you want to add photos to click on EDIT LISTING (right side)
  • Chose the file from your drive and upload the image
  • Click on ADD MORE to upload additional photos.
  • Repeat the step - Chose the file and upload.

 Why am I limited in the number of photos I can post?

  • Depending on your paid subscription package, you can upload up to
    • 5 images - BASIC 
    • 10 images - BASIC PRO
    • 25 images - PREFERRED

What are the ideal properties for images I intend to upload?

  • Images uploaded to the site should be 72 dpi rather than the high resolution print version of 300 dpi.
  • The optimal size of the photo is a one to one ratio (for example 7x8, 10x10, 9x10, 9x9).  If it's 9x12 some of the image will be cropped in the thumbnail because the thumbnails are square.

How can I advertise a special offer or promotion?

  • PREFERRED vendors have access to communicate special offers and promotions
  • Log in and click on Your User Name
  • Select LISTING 
  • In the section of the Listing that you want to add photos to click on EDIT LISTING (right side)
  • Enter the details of your special offer and click SAVE.


How do I add Documents such as Brochures, Price Sheets, Menus?

  • Log in and click on Your User Name
  • Select LISTING 
  • In the section of the Listing that you want to add Documents to click on ‘EDIT LISTING ‘(right side)
  • Select ‘DOCUMENTS’ tab
  • Chose the file from your drive and then upload the Document (Recommended .doc)
  • Click on ADD MORE to upload additional documents.
  • Repeat the step - Chose the file and upload.



How do I upgrade an account so that I can appear in more regions and categories?

  • Log in and click on Your User Name
  • Select ‘LISTING’ tab
  • In the section of the Listing that you want to upgrade to click on ‘UPGRADE LISTING ‘(right side)
  • Select the package you want
  • We will automatically calculate what is do for the remainder of your service period by prorating your current package and applying the unused service towards your new package rate.




How do I Change my Credit Card Payment Information?

  • Log in and click on Your User Name
  • Select ‘PAYMENT’ tab and enter your new credit card information
  • Click SUBMIT




Do I receive an email when someone reviews my company?

  • Yes.  You will receive an email every time someone writes a review for your profile.  
  • You will then have the opportunity to reply back publicly, as well as highlight their review as "Featured" to highlight it on the REVIEWS page of your profile.

How do I respond to a Review?

  • Log in and click on Your User Name
  • CLICK on your Profile Name
  • Click on the ‘REVIEW’ tab
  • In the Box containing each review you can click on ‘Respond to review’ to email the reviewer back and ‘Feature Review’ to move that review to the top.


Will everyone see my response? 

  • Yes.  Your response will be public.

What happens if someone write a review that I don’t like?

  • Getting a review you don't like can be a positive thing.
  • You can Respond to the review.  This is generally recommended. Best to use the forum to try to win back the approval of the reviewer and show others that you are accommodating and responsive. 
  • You can also feature a better review to go on top of that one.

  What is the advantage of reviews?

  • The more reviews you have the higher your search ranking if the user sorts by review ranking.  In today’s world, more and more users rely on their peer reviews to gain a more personal perspective of the company. By reminding your satisfied customers that they can share their experience with others by writing a review, consumer confidence in your service/product will be enhanced.

 Even a negative review can work to your advantage.  How?

  • Your satsified customers can write in response and defense
  • You can respond in a timely manner and propose a resolution to make the customer feel that he/she matters and that their opinions are taken into account and responded to.
  • Others will see your response and their confidence in your customer service skills will increase.
  • We all know people who harbor gripes.  Best that the gripes be out in the open where they don’t fester and can be turned around - winning back not only one customer but earning the respect of many others.
  • Use all reviews as an independent (free) source for evaluating your business - what you are doing right and what can be improved!          

What do I do if I find a review or something in a profile that is inappropriate.





I have an on-line retail business but I’m not in the NY tri-state area. Can I still advertise on mazelmoments?

  • Most Definitely!  While the temples, Rabbis, Mohels and service vendors are mainly in the tri-state area, we welcome on-line retail businesses to advertise on our site.  Products can be shipped to anyone anywhere and advertising on mazelmoments will increase your brand recognition and on-line visibility to this huge Jewish community. In addition, mazelmoments plans to expand to other regions nationally and internationally.


What areas does mazelmoments cover?

  • Our listings for venues, catering, restaurants, rabbis, mohels and most vendors is in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. There are some vendors who provide products (i.e. ketubahs,) and have on-line retail stores.  You may find these types of vendors from all parts of the country and Canada.  
  • We have plans to expand outside the NY Tri-State area..





How else can my company get more visibility on mazelmoments?

  • We invite our vendors to submit articles to our Advice Section. They may be about trends, tips, guidelines, checklists or anything that you feel would be of value and interest to our visitors.  We reserve the right to determine which and when any articles are published.  Credit will be noted to each contributing author.
  • Vendors can upgrade their account to PREFERRED to get the highest visibility.  Preferred Vendors are at the top of the page (in rotating order) and also appear (in rotating sequence) on the home page.
  • Vendors can also purchase banner ads that appear on the home page and on search result pages.