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Lucy Eisenstein Waldman CNM

New York New York, NY 10019 – View on Map
(718) 757-0083

My name is Lucy Eisenstein Waldman and growing families are my passion and the focus of my health practice, Birth to Bris. I am trained as a and a  (the person that performs a ritual circumcision on a Jewish boy). In these capacities I experiencewonderful moments in the life cycle: the birth of a new baby and for Jewish families, the sealing of infant boys into their Jewish heritage. 

 At Birth to Bris I merge contemporary medical practice with a gentle and caring philosophy. My goal is to make your pregnancy and the birth of your children a healthy and rewarding miracle

Birth to Bris, which has offices in New York, NY; Short Hills, NJ and Philadelphia, PA provides the following services: 

The ceremony of Jewish male circumcision reaffirming the original covenant between God and Abraham. It includes:

• Post-Brit Milah after care instructions and follow up

• Conception and fetal development

• Nutrition and your healthy pregnancy

• How to be your own advocate at the hospital

• Breathing and laboring techniques

• Natural versus operative delivery

• Anesthesia and analgesia choices including epidurals, spinals and narcotics

• Effective breastfeeding, pumping, milk storage


Physicians / Midwives

Brit Milah Preparation
Lucy Eisenstien Waldman in the News

Locations Served:
New York - Long Island
New York - NYC Outer Boroughs
New York - Manhattan
New York - Westchester/Hudson Valley
New Jersey


Certified Mohel

Background & Training:
Certified Nurse Midwife, M.S.N. Columbia University
Certified Mohel, Hebrew Union College, Board of Brit Milah


Recommended Links:
Advice for Planning Your Child's Brit Milah or Bris Bat -

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Lucy Eisenstein Waldman CNM

Lucy Eisenstein Waldman CNM

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  • MarissaG

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: She performed my son's bris last month. Our son did not make a peep during the circumcision, because Lucy used anesthesia. Her ceremony was touching and our pediatrician said his circumcision was expertly done! We would recommend Lucy to anyone.

  • Dianne

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Wonderful woman with precise skills! My nephew was very lucky to have her perform his Briss. Word is spreading quickly of her skills.

  • Oliversmama

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Dear Lucy, We want to thank you for making Oliver\'s Bris a really special event. You made everyone feel so comfortable and the ceremony was so beautiful. We keep getting compliments and everyone (including us and our pediatrician) credits you in making the day as great as it was. Thanks again! We highly recommend you! Best, Rick, Kallie, Andy and Oliver Sapporta

  • randles

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Our friends invited us to their son's Bris. We were considering whether or not to have a Bris for our son, who was due in 6 weeks. They felt really great about Lucy as their mohelet and wanted us to have a first hand experience at their baby's Bris. We now want to let everyone know how amazing Lucy really is! Lucy, you brought such professionalism and care to the procedure and such joy and intimacy to the service. And, indeed, our pediatrician did remark on what a good job you did with the circumcision! Thank you for being a part of this special time. Best, The Randle-Romero family.

  • The Goldman Family

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Lucy was an absolute pleasure to work with. She shared ideas on how to make our daughter's baby naming ceremony special, but was also flexible and incorporated rituals that were important to us. Her warm, loving energy added to the beauty of the ceremony and the day. Thanks so much Lucy!

  • Sara P

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: We had been to a bris where Lucy was the mohelet and saw what a calm and peaceful experience it was for the baby and the family. We know he had to call her for our second son's bris. Everyone at the bris said it was the most beautiful bris ceremony they had been to. Our pediatrician also told us how our son's circumcision was one of the best he'd seen.

  • Aliya

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Lucy Eisenstein Waldman is the most amazing mohel out there. We are so grateful we worked with her.

  • EmmetEma613

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: I used Lucy for my sons bris in March. I wanted someone who would connect with my attendees as well as allow my husband and I to participate in the ceremony. I spoke with Lucy months before I was due even though I wasn't sure the gender. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful at that time. Lucy truly made everyone (Jews and non-Jews alike) extremely comfortable throughout the ceremony. She explained all of the Hebrew in English as well as taught about the ceremony. She was efficient during the ceremony - my son didn't even make a peep! I also appreciated how she followed up with me a week after his bris. She has been a huge resource as well in my nursing efforts.

  • MarniSo

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Lucy! You did an amazing job! Thank you again so much!

  • Mikisix

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: We had a wonderful bris for our son, Dashel, this past week. I had recently been to a bris and found the mohel, though skilled, very perfunctory and rude--it was all about the business. I interviewed several other mohels and mohelets, and I was extremely impressed by Lucy's warmth, her training, and her willingness to customize the ceremony. She worked with us to create a beautiful, spiritual ceremony in which all our family and friends could participate, and she was very sensitive and tender. Plus, her training as an RN/midwife meant that the NEXT DAY the circ was almost totally healed. She did a beautiful job with the procedure and the ceremony. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal touch.

  • Alexandra

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Lucy is a wonderful mohel and I can't speak highly enough of her. She did an incredible job with our son's bris, both spiritually and medically (our pediatrician could not stop raving) and has a wonderful personality and style. She did a warm, loving ceremony for our family, and it was the perfect way to herald our beautiful son and family into our own family's Jewish life. I recommend Lucy with the highest endorsement!

  • mcharm

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Lucy performed my son\\\'s bris several months ago. Her combination of medical expertise and religion helped make the bris one of a kind. The ceremony was absolutely lovely and so many people commented on how personalized the ceremony was (and that fact that my son didn\\\'t make a peep the entire time!). I loved the fact that Lucy met with us a day before the bris to get to know one another and set expectations as well as a week after the bris to make sure my son was healing properly. My pediatrician was very impressed as well and I would highly recommend her to anyone having a boy!

  • AmyAlpert

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: No

    Comments: I just left my nephew's bris where Lucy Waldman was the mohel. She performed the service and the circumcision. She was wonderful! There were over 80 people there --lots of chaos! and she handled it so professionally and calmly. She managed to keep the attention of the whole crazy crew while leading the ceremony and my nephew did not even cry once during the circumcision! He was completely calm. Lucy and my sister worked creatively to come up with lots of honors for our large family and made sure to make time to honor my grandmother whom he was named after. After the bris, everyone was saying how wonderful they thought Lucy was--she was the talk of the bris! If you are thinking about a bris be sure to get in touch with her.

  • mamala

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: Yes

    Comments: Lucy was calm, efficient, caring, and moving spiritually. Would absolutely recommend to friends and family.

  • Jenny

    Would recommend: Yes     Has booked this listing: No

    Comments: Lucy was a no-brainer choice for me - when I looked up to find a Moyle, her name came up and she also is a midwife. I have the upmost respect for midwives and the incredible service they provide so I knew she would be excellent. I was incredibly happy with how she catered to our family's needs and made the Briss an moment that my family valued. My son was in good hands and I couldn't have been more pleased with her work. At day 3, my son is healing beautifully and so far has had no irritability.